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Financial Planning

Estate Planning










An important segment of The East End Financial Group's work is developing financial plans for both new and existing clients.  For a fee that varies based upon the complexity of each client's particular financial situation, a custom made plan is designed.



Typical client concerns addressed in these plans are:



Ø    What is my estate tax bill?  How can I reduce it?

Ø    Will I have enough money for my retirement?

Ø    How do I transfer my business?

Ø    How do I increase my fringe benefits from my business?

Ø    How do I attract and keep quality personnel?

Ø    Is my investment portfolio weak in any specific areas?

Ø    What are the best methods to significantly increase either my business or personal asset base?

Ø    How do I reduce my current debt level?



A client's current situation, goals and objectives are thoroughly reviewed and analyzed.  The steps the client needs to take to realize his/her goals and objectives are explored in great detail with a cost/benefit analysis of each option.



When the client determines an appropriate course of action, we work with his/her advisors to ensure that the changes we have recommended to a client are implemented correctly.

















                                Estate Planning



The East End Financial Group has a number of in-house experts with many years' experience in protecting family assets from taxation (income, estate & gift), liability claims and other costs associated with the management of assets.



The need for comprehensive estate planning is often overlooked.  It stands to reason that the IRS imposes one of its most penalizing taxes on transactions most taxpayers would prefer not to think about, i.e. transfer upon death.



The East End Financial Group has assisted numerous business owners and professionals in preserving wealth through careful inventory of current assets, educating the taxpayer as to projected taxes and finally, sharing simple and complex planning strategies for this event.  Through coordinating the efforts of other trusted family advisors and careful implementation of planning strategies, The East End Financial Group acts as a catalyst to realize these goals.



The East End Financial Group will help you understand the uses and functions of:


Ø      Durable Powers of Attorney/Living Wills

Ø      Living Trusts

Ø      Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

Ø      Charitable Remainder Trusts

Ø      Gifting and Gift Tax Leveraging

Ø      Family Limited Partnerships

Ø      and many more estate reduction and asset management techniques