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Business Retirement Benefits Services

Business Retirement Benefits Services

The greatest asset of any successful company is its people. Attracting and retaining key, top-quality talent over the long term is critical to a company’s success and can be an especially challenging part of the business equation.

At EEFG we develop manageable programs and strategies – from employee-sponsored retirement and benefits planning to business succession and insurance solutions – specifically designed to meet your needs today, and anticipate and address those of tomorrow.

Our close relationship with the pension administration firm Retirement Programming, Ltd. enables EEFG and its clients to work together to simplify the process, provide oversight and ensure the integrityand effectiveness of our solutions.

Through our Professional Retirement Benefits Services we help you retain your key asset – your people – and position you for stable growth over the long term.

Business Retirement Benefits Services

  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans (DB, 401(k),
  • SIMPLE IRA, SEP, etc.)
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Key Employee Benefits
  • Insurance Planning
  • Coordination with CPA, Attorney and Third-Party Administrators

Family Wealth Planning

At East End Financial Group we have the experience to recognize that, when it comes to family wealth planning, every situation – like every person – is different. There is no stock solution, and no standard template.

Because of this, we take the time to truly understand you, first; your personality, your unique circumstances, needs, goals and aspirations. Only then can we begin to develop a truly customized plan that serves as the foundation for everything we work toward over the long term.

This initial discovery and planning stage is critical to long-term success. At EEFG, we take the time to get it right the first time, creating a solid, actionable framework that we can then later adapt – flexibly and effectively – as your needs or circumstances evolve.

As always, we stick to the plan, because doing so ensures that we remain on track to meet your long-term goals. In other words, we chart the course, can adjust as conditions change, but remain true to our destination.

Family Wealth Planning Services

  • Customized Asset Management
  • Wealth Transfer Strategies / Generational Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Accumulation
  • Coordination with other Professionals

Municipal and Charitable Asset Management

Partnering with Municipa lities and Charitable Organizations counts among our most rewarding work, and we are always pleased to assist these organizations in defining and meeting their financial objectives.

Since 1990, East End Financial Group has worked with Length of Service Awards Programs (LOSAPs) here on Long Island. These programs are not only a great way for volunteer fire departments to reward their members for their service to the community, but also serve as an effective addition to their recruiting efforts.

We work with a number of area municipalities to help them better fund, manage and administer LOSAPs, and enjoy a strong relationship with the top actuarial firm serving this type of program in New York State – Penflex, Inc.

In addition, managing our own affiliated 501(c)3 charitable foundation, the Gwen L. Kosinski Foundation Benefitting Brain Tumor Research, and other philanthropic efforts affords us valuable, first-hand insight into the challenges faced by these types of organizations; this experience enables us to more effectively assist with planning and asset management needs.

Municipal and Charitable Asset Management Services

  • Length of Service Awards Programs (LOSAPs) on Long Island
  • Custom Asset Management catering to the specific objectives of municipalities and charitable funds
  • Coordination with Actuaries, CPAs and key members of municipalities and charitable funds

Retirement Income Strategies

We can be at peace today, when we know that tomorrow is already taken care of. At East End Financial, we develop retirement income programs designed to put you at ease knowing that you are consistently moving toward your goals over time.

You don’t create a successful life in a day but instead continually work toward it. Likewise, our effective Retirement Income Strategies are simply personalized frameworks that we, along with our clients, continue to build upon, brick by brick.

Although we adapt as needed, we always remain on track so that, when the time comes for you to put work behind and move toward new goals in retirement, the structure will be complete, and you will be able to continue to enjoy a high-quality standard of living in the years to come.

Retirement Income Planning Services

  • Customized Income Producing Portfolios and Strategies
  • Goal Focused Strategies
  • Tax Efficient Income Portfolios
  • Risk Adjusted Asset Management