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The East End Financial Group, Inc. offers its clients a unique choice of how to work with the firm; as a traditional brokerage client through the broker-dealer, American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc., or under a managed account program with The East End Financial Group, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  


The traditional brokerage arrangement allows the client/investor to use the expansive product menu provided through American Portfolios.  Through our brokerage arrangements, we can choose the most appropriate product from over 25 insurance companies, dozens of mutual fund groups and individual stocks, bonds and government securities.  As independent registered representatives, we can be objective in selecting products since we are not aligned with any particular company.



For clients that want ongoing account services and various levels of management, The East End Financial Group, Inc. became a RIA in 1990.  As a RIA, the company can provide fee based money management services using no-load mutual funds, fee-waived load funds and discounted securities purchases.  Three forms of management are provided:


Money Management Services


Fully managed accounts using no-load mutual funds, government securities, individual bonds and money market accounts.  Institutional third party money managers, such as Goldman Sachs and Littman Gregory, are also available as part of our money management services.  This level of management is best suited to the investor who wants the highest level of service and continual monitoring of their account.  This service is best suited to the investor who is more inclined for equity investing (growth) with positions in equities of 40% or more.  The following services are provided:


1.   Active account monitoring

2.   Quarterly reports and annual performance analysis

3.   Client meetings as needed

4.   An in-depth annual meeting to review the account and consolidate the investment account with all aspects of the client's financial or estate plans.


Retainer Services


For the client that desires comprehensive wealth management and ongoing financial planning services, retainer arrangements are established.  Under the retainer, a wide menu of services can be provided including:


1.   Account management and reporting

2.   Financial and estate planning review and analysis on an annual basis

3.   Assistance in preparation of income tax.  Meeting with CPA.

4.   In-depth quarterly review of all aspects of estate and financial plan

5.   Coordination of planning with other professional advisors such as a CPA, attorney, etc.

6.   Specialized services tailored to the individual's needs.


Fees for retainer services are developed on an individual basis depending on the client's needs and the level of service.